Stuff you may not know we can get...

Stuff you may not know we can get...

Over a couple of days last week two of us fatbiked and packrafted from Portland Bill to Old Harry down here in Dorset, with an overnight camp on the shores of Poole Harbour - a top adventure.

Bikes we don't do, packrafts not yet but expedition gear for canoeing and kayaking is something we can get and will be doing more of. On this journey in particular we used:

An Exped Scout Tarp Extreme for our bivvy. I've been using these for years; they're tough, light, well designed, packable and versatile. They're also my favourite tarp for canoe sailing with an A-Frame and rafted canoes - big enough for plenty of power, small enough to control:

An MSR Pocket Rocket for cooking. These have been around for years, setting the standard and still holding their own against fierce competition. Mine is a first generation 17 year old and still works perfectly. I've got lots of stoves (being something of a nerd) but this is the one I use most, being so small, efficient and reliable. I like the fact I can use a range of pots on it too, slim ones to fit in bikepacking frame bags, titanium mugs for minimal weight and even large expedition pans if necessary (although I'd make sure the stove was firm and stable first of course):

Thermarest NeoAir Xtherm mattress. For anyone used to sleeping on a closed cell roll mat such as the ubiquitous Karrimat, the first thermarests were an absolute revelation; the NeoAir (not so neo now) is another leap forward. If you haven't tried one yet you should and yes, they are worth the price; warmer, comfier, lighter, smaller pack size. I'm so warm now I usually end up just using my sleeping bag as a duvet but luckily Thermarest also make a range of camp quilts for just that where did I put the order list? :