The All-New 2019 Palm Zenith Cags Are Here!

The brand new 2019 Palm Zenith Cags are here and now available online and in-store. They've been updated for 2019 and are even more comfortable than before. They really are a cag that can do it all, whether you are surf kayaking, freestyling, canoeing, sit on top paddling or stand up paddleboarding.

Palm Zenith Cags


Why should you wear a cag?

To keep you warm and comfortable on the water, we recommend wearing a cag, also known as a cagoule or spray jacket. It’ll keep you dry, reduce wind chill and also trap heat allowing you to take longer kayaking trips.

Even if it’s a beautiful sunny day, the water will still be cold if you fall in so it is important that you are dressed appropriately for this occurrence. Cags come in all shapes and sizes and there is a great range available for all types of paddle sports.


What will you be using the cag for?

The first question to ask yourself is what type of paddling will you be doing when wearing your cag. You need to consider the paddling environment and prevailing conditions; how wet are you going to get, how long will your paddling trip be, and what will the weather be doing.

Cags that are designed to be worn for touring and sea kayaking offer features that are meant for calmer waters. Usually, they are quick and easy to put on and adjustable at the neck, wrists and waist making sure you’re comfortable and warm during your longer paddling trip.

For whitewater, these cags are designed to be used on fast moving water where you will be getting very wet. To help keep you dry and warm, these cags normally have either tight latex or neoprene seals for the neck and wrists.


What new Palm Zenith Cags are available?


Palm Zenith Ladies Cag


Palm Zenith Cag


Palm Zenith Cag


The Palm Zenith Cags are versatile all-around semi-dry, do it all whitewater cags that have been designed to take on the rigours of both canoeing and kayaking. They’re made from Palms XP2.5 layer material which makes them highly waterproof and breathable.

The Ladies cag cut is female-specific and the mens is the 4D cut, meaning that the number of seams and panels needed to make the cag have been reduced, allowing for an improved, paddling specific fit. These cags also have soft glideskin neck seals, latex wrist seals which have a super stretch neoprene over cuff and also a twin waist seal.

So, whether you’re whitewater canoeing, surf kayaking, canoeing, sit on top paddling or stand up paddle boarding, this cag can do it all.


We currently have these Palm Zenith Cags in stock on our website and in the shop so please pop by anytime and we can help find the perfect fit for you.


If you have any questions or would like some more information, please contact us here.