1. Natural bedfellows...

    Natural bedfellows...

    Extend your adventure with our range of canoe camping equipment; we trust it because we use it ourselves.

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  2. Stuff you may not know we can get...

    Stuff you may not know we can get...

    Stuff you may not know we can get...

    Over a couple of days last week two of us fatbiked and packrafted from Portland Bill to Old Harry down here in Dorset, with an overnight camp on the shores of Poole Harbour - a top adventure.

    Bikes we don't do, packrafts not yet but expedition gear for canoeing and kayaking is something we can get and will be doing more of. On this journey in particular we used:

    An Exped Scout Tarp Extreme for our bivvy. I've been using these for years; they're tough, light, well designed, packable and versatile. They're also my favourite tarp for canoe sailing with an A-Frame and rafted canoes - big enough for plenty of power, small enough to control:

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  3. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas


    Wow, what a great 2018 it's been and we want to thank everyone for all of their support and help, we couldn't do it without you!

    It's been a busy and exciting year and we've got lots of plans and ideas for 2019 which we look forward to sharing with you.


    Here are our festive opening times:


    24th December - 09:30 till 13:30
    25th December - Closed
    26th December - Closed
    27th December - 10:00 till 14:00
    28th December - 10:00 till 14:00
    29th December - 10:00 till 16:00
    30th December - 10:00 till 14:00
    31st December - Closed
    1st January 2019 - Closed
    2nd January 2019 - Closed
    3rd January 2019 - 09:30 till 17:30


    We would lik

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  4. The All-New 2019 Palm Zenith Cags Are Here!

    The All-New 2019 Palm Zenith Cags Are Here!

    The brand new 2019 Palm Zenith Cags are here and now available online and in-store. They've been updated for 2019 and are even more comfortable than before. They really are a cag that can do it all, whether you are surf kayaking, freestyling, canoeing, sit on top paddling or stand up paddleboarding.

    Palm Zenith Cags


    Why should you wear a cag?

    To keep you warm and comfortable on the water, we recommend wearing a cag, also known as a cagoule or spray jacket. It’ll keep you dry, reduce wind chill and also trap

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  5. Wondering What to Wear Winter Kayaking? Here Are Our Tips!

    Wondering What to Wear Winter Kayaking? Here Are Our Tips!

    So, winter is finally here, but that doesn’t mean your paddling adventures have to stop, you just need to make sure you’re dressed correctly for the changing conditions.


    Winter Kayaking


    When out paddling in the winter months, it is important that you are as safe, warm and comfortable as possible, so we always recommend layering your clothes, it’s always better to be able to remove clothing if you get hot than feel cold and wish you were wearing more.


    To help you, here’s our list of items that you should consider wearing while out paddling:


    • A drysuit - In our opinion, a drysuit is the best option for anyone who wants to paddle through winter as th
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  6. Palm Gradient Boot Review

    Palm Gradient Boot Review

    While paddling, the correct footwear not only helps to keep your feet nice and warm but also help you to manoeuvre in and out of your kayak and scramble over rocks or along the river bed safely. 


    Palm Gradient Boot


    A boot that is back and better than ever is The Palm Gradient Boot. Having been revamped with tougher components, it's reinforced where it matters and now features a hydrogrip rubber Vibram sole giving you excellent traction in wet conditions. It also provides great ankle support thanks to their shape and are easy to put on with their low cut heel. The Gradient boots are also shaped to provide ankle support and are designed to accommodate your feet with or without a d

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  7. Palm Atom Drysuit Review

    Palm Atom Drysuit Review

    The Palm Atom Drysuit is ideal for wearing on winter paddling trips as it has been designed to give you maximum movement and comfort on and off the water. It's made from Palms high-performance XP 4 layer material and comes with fewer seams, better positioning to reduce wear and also heavy duty, double taped socks.


    Palm Atom Drysuit


    To give you an in-depth look at this drysuit, here's a review by our Team Paddler Jake Deakin:


    I have been using this drysuit for a year now, mainly on the UK rivers last winter, and can’t wait to drag it back out from the cupboard for some more action this winter.

    As soon as I got my hands on this suit I liked the feel of the fabric. It’s a very tough XP 4 layer fabric. It also has some nice reinfo

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  8. How to Choose the Right Drysuit for Paddling

    How to Choose the Right Drysuit for Paddling

    Now the weather is noticeably cooler and temperatures will continue to drop, you’ll want to keep as warm and comfortable as possible when you're out on the water, which means it’s drysuit season!




    In our opinion, a drysuit is the best option for anyone wanting to paddle through the colder months, and with a drysuit, there is no reason not to. You can wear them for all types of paddling, Sit On Top Kayaking, Kayak Angling, Sea Kayaking, Recreational, Whitewater, Touring or Open Canoes. You must always make sure you dress for the water temperature, not weather as eventually, you will end up swimming. You can also combine your drysuit with the right thermal layers, keeping you nice and toasty so no matter how cold it is, you can still go paddling.


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  9. Autumn Paddling Tips - Be Prepared

    Autumn Paddling Tips - Be Prepared

    Now that this fantastic summer is coming to an end, it doesn’t mean that your paddling adventures have to too, you just need to make sure you are prepared for the changing conditions.


    Autumn Kayaking

    Autumn is a great time of year to head out for a paddle, and with all the beautiful autumnal colours, you can find yourself in some truly picturesque spots.

    It is important to remember, that although the weather may still feel warm, the water will be a lot cooler and so it is vital that you are fully prepared so you’ll be as safe as possible on your trip.

How to be prepared:

    Make sure you are wearing the correct clothing, dress for a swim! In autumn, you need to prepare for different conditions and although you may

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  10. How to Become a Paddlesport Instructor & Coach

    How to Become a Paddlesport Instructor & Coach

    There are few times in life when you can be lucky enough to turn your passion and hobby into your career, and with paddlesports, this is exactly what you can do.


    Coaching Courses


    If you are interested in beginning your coaching pathway, then there are various options available to you from the British Canoeing Awarding Body, depending on the type of coaching your wish to do and the skills you want to develop in your paddlers.

    First, you need to make sure your personal paddle skills are up to speed and you’ve been out and paddled as much as possible in different locations, waters and crafts to give you a broad knowledge of paddlesports. This will also help to develop your personal skills more quickly, than if you just stick with one discipline. Having a good range of

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