Dagger Stratos (Graded)

Dagger Stratos (Graded)

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Dagger Stratos (Graded)

We have managed to get our hands on a couple of graded Dagger Stratos. This means that they have a minor cosmetic imperfection not allowing Dagger to sell it as a first quality kayak. Generally, these are always very minor and do not affect the performance of the boat or warranty. Most of the time you can hardly notice it, Dagger just have very high standards.

The Dagger designers have pulled it off, the Stratos really does provide for beginner, intermediate and experts alike and in equal measure.


The Dagger Stratos is a touring kayak packed full of performance. The Stratos has been designed to suit a wide range of paddler abilities. Beginners will find the Stratos stable, forgiving, roomy and comfortable. This will give you the confidence on the water to push your skill level on. As you progress the Stratos will take on challenging conditions with you.

The profiled bow shape will ride through the water and waves effortlessly without swamping or diving. The smooth chines and continuous rocker means that the Stratos will be manoeuvrable and playful when you want it to be.

The Stratos is outfitted with comfort and performance in mind. The contoured seat allows you to maximise the amount of contact you have with the kayak making you feel a part of the boat. The backrest is adjustable and allows you the correct amount of support whilst its low profile means it won't foul your spraydeck or hinder you when practicing rescues.

The Stratos comes in two sizes and has all the features you would expect to find on a Dagger touring kayak and sea kayak.

More Information
Manufacturer Dagger
Length S: 440cm | L: 442cm
Width S: 60cm | L: 64cm
Capacity S: 125kg | L: 136kg
Weight S: 24kg | L: 25kg
Footrest Adjustable slide track footbrace
Backrest Contour adjustable backbank
Skeg Retractable skeg
Apply Partial Payment No
Allow Full Payment? No
Allow Flexy / Layaway Payments? No
Down Payment 0.000000
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