Hou 13 Canoes

The Hou 13 Canoe is a solo canoe - sleek and sexy. Lightweight and easily transportable on your own.

The Hou 13 Canoe is based on the classic Peterborough Design.

A Solo Open Canoe that is a great all-round performer.

Unlike other solo canoes, the Hou 13 has a slightly narrower beam without compromising on stability.

The Hou 13 Canoe is made from super strong linear polyethylene and is a 3 layer construction.

A foam core is sandwiched between two layers of plastic which gives it strength and buoyancy.

The weight has been kept as low as possible to allow you to manoeuvre it around easily on and off the water.

More Information
Length 13 feet 3 inches
Width 30 inches
Capacity 110kg
Weight 22kg
Apply Partial Payment No
Allow Full Payment? No
Allow Flexy / Layaway Payments? No
Down Payment 0.000000
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