P&H Delphin 150 Corelite X

Corelite X P&H Delphin Sea and Ocean Play Kayaks. This new plastic shaves a couple of kg off the Corelite range making it easier to throw around on and off the water. The Delphin 155 has now been given the day hatch behind the driving seat too.

The P&H Delphin kayak is now available in the lighter, stiffer and more durable Corelite X Material.

The P&H Delphin can best be described as a 'head turner', it looks different to other sea kayaks and performs differently to other sea kayaks.

The Delphin has created its own class of sea kayaking, Ocean Play.

The Delphin has been given plenty of rocker to allow it to turn easily on a wave, amongst caves and when rock hopping. The extra volume and shaping of the bow prevents the nose from burying on steep waves, punches through waves and helps to shed water. All of this is capable due to the Delphin's unique hull design which has hard chines at the bow, flatter hull section in the centre leading to softer chines towards the rear.

The waterline length has been kept to a maximum to allow for straight-line speed.

The cockpit has been positioned slightly further back than you will find in most kayaks which adds to the performance.

The outfitting of the Delphin is as you would expect from a P and H Kayak, fully adjustable and fully customisable. With the outfitting being taken from Pyranha whitewater kayaks you get the perfect fit everytime.

Three hatches and a skeg as standard means you can head of for day trips, surf trips, weekend trips, the options are endless. Now there are 4 hatches on the Delphin 155 MK2.

The triple layer construction of P&Hs own corelite material means the Delphin is built to the highest standard and the added bonus is that its made in the UK. 

More Information
Length 150 - 457cm
Width 150 - 55cm
Capacity 150 - 105kg
Weight 150 - 25kg
Footrest Twistlock adjustable footrests
Backrest Connect backband
Skeg Fully adjustable for trim set up
Apply Partial Payment No
Allow Full Payment? No
Allow Flexy / Layaway Payments? No
Down Payment 0.000000
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