Pyranha Ozone

Pyranha have brought themselves back into the Playboat market with the all-new Ozone!

The DNA of the Ozone flows from classic models such as the ProZone, InaZone, and Z.One.  Unlock play spots, throw some shapes on an eddy line, and just tear it up on the water.


The Pyranha Ozone is the kayak of choice if you like to play on the river.

The Ozone allows you to cartwheel, spin, blunt, and surf on every feature of the river whilst having enough volume to keep on the water. 

The Ozone has been designed with a progressive rocker profile accentuated at the bow to give a dry ride on a wave. This helps to keep the kayak planing efficiently when riding rapids or surfing. The volume profile makes it simple to initiate a huge range of moves both old and new, from cartwheels to blunts.

The Ozone is short enough to throw around but long enough to run rapids. Above all else, it is comfortable! Modern Stout outfitting and plenty of foot room mean you can happily paddle the Ozon all day!

The Ozone is ridiculous fun for all abilities and ambitions.

More Information
Length M: 226cm | L: 234cm
Width M: 63.5cm | L: 67cm
Capacity M: 216 litres | L: TBC
Weight M: 15kg | L: 17kg
Footrest Foam foot block
Backrest Stout 2
Apply Partial Payment No
Allow Full Payment? No
Allow Flexy / Layaway Payments? No
Down Payment 0.000000
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