Pyranha Ripper

The Pyranha Ripper lets you tear up the river horizontally and vertically! The Ripper will make make your next river or surf trip even more enjoyable!

The Pyranha Ripper kayak has been designed to keep you high and dry through features thanks to the full volume bow, and combined with its bow rocker you skip through features like a rocket. This kayak will be enjoyed on all classes of whitewater.

The Ripper gives you the ability to dip the stern and either get vertical or do a quick pivot turn, transforming the river into an entirely different playground. The Ripper‘s design takes on the fast fun ethos of the 9R, with the lower stern rocker even boosting its speed so you can punch through features and tear up lines in search of that next, deep eddy line.

Whether you are flying down a wave train with a good eddy line, surfing across a wave, dipping the stern for a pirouette the Ripper lets you do it all with ease.

More Information
Length S - 273cm | M - 274cm
Width S - 59cm | M - 62cm
Capacity S - 228 litres | M - 236 litres
Weight S - 20kg | M - 20kg
Footrest Full plate
Backrest Stout 2 floating backband
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