Sevylor Ottawa - Inflatable Kayak


The Sevylor Ottawa inflatable Canoe is the premium addition to the Sevylor line up.

The Ottawa has a long ultra streamlined shape giving you excellent directional stability. A high performance inflatable kayak.


Although the Sevylor Ottawa is shaped more like a canoe, it is still classed as an inflatable kayak. Much like the Alameda, the Ottawa can carry two adults and a child with ease but is equally at home as a tandem or solo kayak due to the ability to change the seating positions.

The Ottawa also features the new Sevy-suspension seating system. This suspends the seat and the paddler above the floor of the kayak and reduces deformation of the hull resulting, in a smooth, flat shape and creating less resistance in the water. This also gives you a much drier ride if you do come across any chop. Comfort has been clearly taken care of when designing the Ottawas built in lumbar supports will ensure you can go paddling all day without the need to keep resting.

The hull of the Ottawa is protected by a patented skin formed from nylon that has been meticulously woven through multiple layers of PVC. This gives a smooth and slippery surface with minimal drag and is extremely tough, hard wearing and durable.

All this packs away into its own dry bag allowing you to chuck it in the boot and not have to worry about loading the roof of the car.

More Information
Length 383cm
Width 92cm
Capacity 225kg
Weight 20kg
Apply Partial Payment No
Allow Full Payment? No
Allow Flexy / Layaway Payments? No
Down Payment 0.000000
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