South Coast Canoes - Simon Rham

Who is Si, what is his role at SCC and how long has he worked here?

Si is the owner of South Coast Canoes and has been working there as long as the shop has been open since he and his wife Carla set it up over ten years ago in 2014.

Si always worked in Outdoor Education and studied it at college down in Plymouth where he also worked part time at a canoe shop. Having a head for business he was soon spotted by the shop’s owner and offered the management position in a new shop in Dorset from where he moved on to running his own business.

Does he canoe, kayak or both?

Both but neither as much as he’d like at the moment as work is so busy with the creation of South Coast Adventures running outdoor activities for schools and courses. 

What got him into the sport, what does he love about it?

A love of being outdoors, and a combination of the athleticism of the sport, the shared experience, the socialising and camaraderie at the end of a challenging day all drew Si in and have never left and it’s fun and exciting as well of course.

What are his products / brands of choice

Well, Si doesn’t sell anything he doesn’t like so all products are products of choice but if pushed to choose, Palm products are really nice quality with an awful lot of thought and care in the design and excellent customer service, Tiderace sea kayaks are just beautiful, very forward looking in the design, careful attention to detail in the manufacturing and always popular with paddlers.

Hou canoes are lovely, functional, well-made open boats. We all paddle Hou Prospectors at SCC, and Si paddles a range of the latest kayaks on the rare occasions he makes it down a river.

What are Si's areas of expertise?

Si has an encyclopaedic knowledge of paddlesports and the industry so he can be asked about anything at all and got into retail because it was a good way to work in outdoor activities and help other people enjoy the sport.

Anything else you think we should know about Si?!

Plumbing. Paddlesports aside, plumbing is the love of Si’s life and he’s frequently to be found browsing the Screwfix website when he thinks no one is looking.

Contact Si or the rest of the SCC team

We're always more than happy to answer your paddlesport queries, discuss brands and have a general natter about all things canoe and kayak. If you need help on the topic, don't hesitate to contact us.